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Sloan supports the 2017 Energy Action Plan approved by the City Council. It is important for the city to be a leader in reducing its energy use and waste diversion from the landfill while being prudent with taxpayers' money. It is also very important to make land use decisions that are considerate to already established neighborhoods while not leaving a tax burden on future generations. 


First Term Accomplishments

During Sloan's first term, the city added solar panels to the wastewater treatment plants bringing 70% of energy usage at city buildings to come from clean sources. Currently, the Fayetteville City Council is discussing energy efficiency upgrades to bring clean energy usage percentages up to 73%. Sloan also supported the decision to start water quality studies for Lake Fayetteville so that residents and tourists can safely swim in one day. 

What's on the Horizon

Sloan will continue the work to make Lake Fayetteville a safe place to swim. This will involve a multiple-year project with stream design work. He will add a city employee to make sure developers are doing all they can to protect our steamways and prevent flooding our residences. Unmitigated grading creates many pollutants that make their way into our streams and waterways. He will push to add more solar panels to bring the city buildings to 100% clean energy.

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