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Even though employment rates and wages are on the rise, many families are struggling to keep up with inflation. Sloan supports the success of our citizens by working with groups like the Chamber of Commerce, Startup Junkie, and the Northwest Arkansas Council to create the jobs people need with training, education, and credentials they already have. 

Image by Daniel Wiadro

First Term Accomplishments

​Sloan has continued to support Startup Junkie, Northwest Arkansas Council, and the Chamber of Commerce, making sure we have high-paying jobs in Fayetteville so people can obtain the individual success they seek. Sloan also supported many innovative suggestions from the Fayetteville Economic Vitality Department, like the Outdoor Refreshment Area (O.R.A.), which helped many restaurants survive the last few years.

What's on the Horizon

People seek meaningful work, and many businesses are left short-staffed. People looking for new positions that people leave for new opportunities need to be filled. An example of much-needed staff and programs like UpskillNWA are training the next generation of nurses. Sloan will work to make sure programs like this stay funded so these much-needed services stay filled. 

Image by Matt Donders
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