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As the city grows, it is important that the police and fire departments receive the resources needed to keep the city safe. Safety is not just professional help after an accident has happened. It is important that we design our streets to slow down traffic so children can safely play around their neighborhood. We need safe trails for people to travel on for both recreational use and commuting to work. A functioning greenway not only makes our city enjoyable, but it is also a necessity for those that travel the greenway to work and get necessities. To keep the greenway safe, I support lights along the path where it is missing and dedicated bike cops that would travel the trails to make sure people are safe.


First Term Accomplishments

​Fayetteville broke ground on the public safety campus, several fire stations were added, and two trail cops were added to the park and trail system. Sloan pushed for additional funding so SROs could receive more training in social work and counseling. Two social workers were added to the police force to find alternatives to incarceration. Sloan wrote a resolution pushing landlords to keep their units habitual. 

What's on the Horizon

Even though two trail cops were added recently, there is a need for more, especially at Walker Park. Officers with training in social work and counseling are needed to help the growing unhoused community members of Fayetteville. The Crisis Stabilization Unit must reopen, and social workers and counselors are needed for residents. Sloan will continue to push and vote FOR safe street designs and to work to make sure places are safe for renters. Arkansas has the worst tenant-landlord laws in the country, and renters need protection at the local level. 

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