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Sloan Scroggin is a working parent who understands the struggles many families face with a changing job market and inflation. Sloan started working at an early age, doing construction with his family. His first job in college was doing 3d graphics for a web firm. He has also worked as a bouncer and is currently a math instructor at the University of Arkansas.


"Many jobs are siloed and don't know what the other departments need, but our city has many different services that need to work collaboratively to keep it running. Having a diverse background allows me to understand the needs of different departments. However, a common theme is they need a safe place to live and work that is sustainable, and they want the best possible success for their family."


This understanding inspired Sloan's platform: Sustainability, Safety, and Success.


"I have been blessed to find Fayetteville, and I have worked each day to make the decisions that help make sure everyone is as rewarded, as I am, to live in Fayetteville regardless of their background." 

Current Positions

  • City Council Member Ward 3 Pos 1

  • Chair Equipment Committee

  • Chair Energy Improvement District

  • Member Sewer and Water Committee

  • Member Ordinance Review Committee

  • Community Clinic Board Member and Finance Chair

  • Rotary Club of Fayetteville Treasure

  • UofA Transit, Parking and Traffic Committee

Former Positions and Awards


  • Fayetteville Planning Commissioner

  • UofA Masters of Economics

  • Chairman for Sustainability ASG at the UofA

  • Rotary Club of Fayetteville Board Member

  • UALR Bachelor in Finance and Economics

  • Eagle Scout


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